Car Care Tips

Have you ever had a car that just wouldn’t start? It could be because of the battery or alternator.

Signs your batteries might need replacing include:

  • no sound and/or lights when trying to turn the key,
  • clicking noise while turning it in the ignition but nothing happens after pushing down on pedal.

An engine doesn’t turn over quickly either; weaker headlights (even if they work normally otherwise); backfiring while starting up again once started.

If you’re noticing that your car doesn’t start after being jump-started, or if it stalls out while driving and then dies completely without any warning signs from the dashboard indicator lights (such as an orange battery), there could be a problem with one of two things: either the alternator is failing to recharge batteries because its output has dropped below what’s required for this task, or some other electrical component in our complex machinery fails early due.

Jumping your car is a great way to get it back up and running, but if you suspect that the battery might be dead or dying then try jumping instead of just plugging in one cable.

If everything goes according to plan – which we know won’t always happen because sometimes these things take longer than expected- make sure not only do both batteries have enough juice left before moving forward with repairs.

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