Everything You Should Know About Synthetic Oil

Is synthetic motor oil better than conventional? If you’re wondering why so many people prefer it, then read on! Synthetic oils use artificial chemical compounds which include base and carrier oils plus powder additives. The distribution of these ingredients offers improved engine protection as well increased longevity – all without sacrificing performance or quality in any way.

Why should you use premium synthetic oil in your car? There are many reasons, but here are some of the most important ones.

Synthetic oils offer better protection for engines because they’re incredibly clean and resistant to breakdown – which means that even if there is contamination like sulfur or waxes added during the production process (which usually doesn’t happen), these impurities won’t affect performance much at all!

They also typically have higher quality base stocks than traditional vegetable-based fuels do; this provides increased stability when it comes to time put enough power on tap from those four wheels.

Synthetic motor oils are better for your car because they don’t lose as much weight during high-temperature operations. Synthetic oil will only evaporate about 4% of its own volume when the engine runs at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for six hours, while a conventional type could shed 30%-50%. This means you use less expensive and probably more effective chemical compounds in comparison!

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