It’s important to know the signs of a suspension problem so that you can contact your nearest technician right away. Here are just a few examples: Bushings worn down or greasy, tire shaking while driving over 50 mph and excessive noise when going around turns are all telltale indicators followed by a stiff steering wheel after sitting at stoplights for example!

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1. Hearing squeaks over bumps – If you’re noticing that the sound of your car hitting speed-breakers or bumps has become louder, this could be an indication there is something wrong with its shock absorbers. The dreaded “squeaky” noise will slowly get worse over time as well; however, if we take care now– replacing them can still prevent any other major issues from occurring!

2. Feeling bumps – The typical symptom of a worn-out suspension system is when you drive over small undulations or potholes and it feels as if there are bumps in the road. The sound your car makes can also be an indication that something’s not right with this component, which requires immediate repair to make driving again normal!

3. One side sits lower than the other – You may not hear squeaky noises over bumps, but you’ll see that one side of your car sits lower than the other when parking. This is a clear sign to replace springs on both sides because they’re well and truly worn out from supporting all this weight!

4. Steering becomes increasingly difficult – The car’s steering becomes increasingly difficult as you drive it slower and slower. This could be an indication that your suspension needs oiling or parts of the system need replacing, so keep this in mind before going on a long trip with no break!

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